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house_alvie's Journal

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A community to post House/Alvie (Halvie) (friendship & slash welcome) fanfiction, videos, art & more

Hey everyone.

Welcome to house_alvie

This is a community for all Halvie fans where you may post fanfiction, fanart, fanvids or even just discuss the House/Alvie friendship/relationship.
I hope you have fun here, and please read the rules below.

1. Please keep any long fics/discussions and large pieces of art/pic-spams under an lj-cut.

2. Though we generally allow anything House/Alvie, feel free to e-mail a mod at the address below if you're unsure if it belongs here.

3. Trolling, spamming, cyberbullying, and ship/character bashing is NOT allowed. Anyone caught doing this will get a warning, then a punishment for a second offence.
I hope I will not have to enforce any punishments, but I want to keep this a friendly place free of harassment.

You can e-mail the mod, graceasaur at Ressa97@Neomail.com if you have any questions, complainants, or suggestions.

Stylesheet by refuted
Credit to outside picture: dj43
Credit to inside banner: MagzHalo @ Twitter